Brooke Ellsworth


I forgot to eat again today
and will forget tomorrow.
Water Hour

Closes Codex Artaud (1972) that big old monster, which is EVERYDAY because
who am I kidding. I line up

the fish you catch on the sand
where there’s room to grow

the stupidest question you get
is if you’re lonely

during the mobilizing seconds after
smoking behind the sugarhouse
there was

so much life ahead, this was Water Hour:

A hiker
who tripped over your stove-pipe sticking out of the hill. Upon
further survey the authorities uncovered the rubber membrane, a
tube attached to a jug for a shower. The precedent

for the direct message

1) Big Island
2) Catskills
3) Squam Swamp
4) Atlanta



I’m thinking about the dead seal again

This is one
pissed off rock
I thought as
I leaned
and look at
this rock
I said
you back to the
dead seal
I am a dead roof
Look you
and held out
a piece of
its spine
I am a
a wheelchair



The photograph: A tiny gilded integrated circuit found in the core of the most
exquisite snowflake

The core of the
from the stem
I am loyal to my
fuel as I cart around my cunt
A big
shrieks & grease hunt
Please, stay still there in
the pool of light
Stay still there
This family isn’t
to forget

BROOKE ELLSWORTH is author of the forthcoming poetry collection, Serenade, from Octopus Books in 2017. She lives and writes in Peekskill, NY. For more information:

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