Rose Knapp


There happy
You've had
Your God Damn 
MoMA of Silence
For Your Self A Secondsex

Burning scripts
Which ones win?


Und Ur Platzovál

Ban banana
Bannon Republak
Platund Platz
Quite jetzt
Martini plz
Fuk again tra
Sik must we?
Ya Stoya again
Coke en masse
Nein danke 
Nein tropes
Needed or
Wanted hier 
Mein Himmler
Odar Fader
Shots fired
Du ist die Wurst
Wie Kunst die die 
Die Romeo Rowlings Lins
Dante flames Homo Tanzen 
Jehovah jails Job over ice
Herds etc.
Blah blah 
Blaise passé
Blake Shelley
Pascal pastels
Anna Sextons
Alasss Sylvia 
Time und joy
Meine sickle
Salvia Dali Dalits
Datura Plaths
& Ivanka


Great Commission Edit

Must be pathed 
Und skyscraped
Pound four Pound
Purgatorio Dolarosa
Yes it will look self-imposed
Certainly not self-fulfilling
Perhaps even Futurist
Du Nu I still Domina
Same wasteland game 
Scheißkerl climbers
Foucov Nikolai slavs 
Nicht even pure .data
Climaxes own bruts
Enough of
Ur wine
Du sell 

-Marx possibly



ROSE KNAPP is a poet, producer, and multimedia artist. She has publications in Lotus-Eater, Bombay Gin, BlazeVOX, Hotel Amerika, Gargoyle, and others.​ She has a chapbook forthcoming with Hesterglock Press. She currently lives and works in Manhattan.

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