Lucy Zhang

The baby has to wait until after the apocalypse

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LUCY ZHANG writes, codes, and watches anime. Her work has appeared in Contrary, Lost Balloon, New Delta Review, Hypertext, EX/POST, Jellyfish Review and elsewhere. She is an editor for Heavy Feather Review and assistant fiction editor for Pithead Chapel. Find her at or on Twitter @Dango_Ramen.

Isabel Boutiette

heaven or hieronymus

too many people ride one horse
the organs of the landscape:
acid water and rose quartz
teething towers
gems of desire + death
red / blue fruit now red / blue pills
even when it doesn’t look like hell
it is

body wears two cherries

like a crown

a giant duck feeds body

a cranberry

the earth is singing
in the gardens in the mud in pools
reflecting light like pupils do

sinners of the world
hear me
in this frame the world is finally an oyster
our bodies its pearls
free and by default completely insane
I don’t care if we look crazy
I just want to be losing it completely
with my friends
on this festering fault line
the owls surveilling us
through our phone jacks
right next to the heat of our breath
and still unable to compute

our very own chaos triptych



blithing wet
with light
the wand
the milkmaid
the czar
the tailor
the general
an epoch
sunflower seeds
now my name
on an official
my time
for me
in Ukraine
the churches
have no clocks
only bells
never hands
no tenderness
of touch



ISABEL BOUTIETTE is a poet, artist, curator, editor, and occasional book-maker living in Seattle, WA. She works at Wave Books and is an editor at The Quarterless Review.